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218-06141 Bosdale Fever Portrait D.jpg

Bosdale Fever Portrait D EX-94-2E New EX-94 daughter of Outside Portrait...

#20181109077 Bosdale Solomon Portlea (1)

Bosdale Solomon Portlea EX-92-3yr - Solomon from the Portraits, Top ten at Madison!

210-102048 Bosdale Dundee Lustre.jpg

Bosdale Dundee Lustre EX-91 4* - Dam of Bosdale Gold Luster EX-94 HM Grand Champion at the Royal...

214-09193 R-E-W Daz Behappy - Copy.jpg

R-E-W Daz Behappy EX-92 3* - 7th Gen. EX Shottle from the Barbie family...

213-04174 Ms Chassity Domain Chaya (3_4

MS Chassity Domain Chaya EX-91 2* - Domain from Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 GMD DOM 32*...

#20141112007 Bosdale Jordan Barbra.jpg

Bosdale Jordan Barbra EX-93 - Jordan from the Barbies...

218-101748 Bosdale Doorman Tiffany.jpg

Bosdale Doorman Tiffany EX-90-4yr - Exciting Doorman for the Show ring...

#20161111140 Bosdale Fever Shame.jpg

Bosdale Fever Shame EX-93-2E MS-94 - A Fever that has it all...



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