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The Portrait Family

2704086 Bosdale Outside Portrait - Copy.

Bosdale Outside Portrait, born in December 2002, was always the center of attention for visitors at our barn. Standing at 64.5 inches, she was admired for her mass, strength, width, and balance. Outside Portrait was an exceptional producer, making 15,297 kg milk, 4.6% fat, 3.2% protein (293-364-285) in 365 days as a 3-year-old. She earned a Super 4 award production and made a total of 85,544 kg milk, 4.6% fat, 3.2% protein (264-325-259) over her lifetime. In 2017, she won the Ontario Holstein Branch’s “Heart of the Herd” award.

Bosdale Outside Portrait EX-94-2E 20*

Portraits Dam

Bosdale Storm Portrait.jpg

Bosdale Storm Portrait EX-92-3E

Dam of Outside Portrait

(Storm x Bosdale Stardust Portrait EX 4E 4* x VG Counselor x VG-85 3* Red Majesty)
2nd 5yr Old Rockton Championship 2004
2nd 5yr Old Perth-Waterloo 2004
2nd 4yr Old Rockton Championship 2003
06-02 305D 14086 618 4.4% 428 3.0%

Bosdale Storm Portrait (Ex-92-3E), the dam of Outside Portrait made 75,257 kg milk lifetime and was second 5-year-old at the Perth-Waterloo Show in 2004. “Spirit” embryos from her were exported to Europe resulting in Spirit Precilla who was classified Excellent-93 in the Netherlands at 9 years of age and with an Excellent-95 mammary system. As a 2-year-old, Precilla was champion at the WZM Show in Oldenburg, Germany in 2008. She was sold to the Netherlands where in 2010 she was intermediate champion at the NRM Show for Theo van Vliet of Giessen Holsteins in Holland.

spirir precilla.jpg

Spirit Precilla EX-93 (95 MS)


Super Brood Cow!

Outside Portraits 12 Excellent daughters in our herd!
Bosdale Goldwyn Portrait C EX-94-2E

Bosdale Fever Portrait D EX-94

Bosdale Fever Portrait B EX-94

Bosdale Fever Portrait A EX-93
Bosdale Laurin Portrait EX-91 2E
Bosdale Goldy Portrait EX-90 2E
Bosdale Sanchez Portrait A EX-90 2E
Bosdale Sanchez Portrait B EX-90 2E
Bosdale Baxter Portea EX-90
Bosdale Baxter Portrait EX-90
Bosdale Golden Portrait EX90
Also EX-94 Fortune daughter in the UK!

(left to right) Bosdale Fever B Portea and Bosdale Fever Portrait D Portea (Outside Portraits grand daughter and daughter)

The Fever Daughters

218-06141 Bosdale Fever Portrait D.jpg

Bosdale Fever Portrait A EX-93

215-102167 Bosdale Fever Portrait A.jpg

Out of all the bulls that Outside Portrait was paired with, "Fever" is one of the best and produced some of her highest classified daughters. One of them is Bosdale Fever Portrait D (Ex-94), who scored 94 points with a 95-point Mammary System. She has two full sisters who each made three Superior Lactation records and achieved Super 3 status. Bosdale Fever Portrait B (Ex-94) was second 5-year-old at Autumn Opportunity last year, and Bosdale Portrait A (Ex-93) was second senior 3-year-old at the Perth-Waterloo Show in 2015.


Fever Portrait A and Fever Portrait B milking on there 2nd lactation during royal tours 

fever portraits.png

The Goldwyns

Of the three Excellent “Goldwyn” daughters from Outside Portrait the highest scored is Bosdale Goldwyn Portrait C (Ex-94-2E), who finished second at the Perth-Waterloo Show the last two years as a 5-year-old and mature cow. Her older full sister, Bosdale Goldy Portrait (Ex-90-2E), is one of the highest testing Portraits for butterfat at 6.5% fat. Goldy is the dam of Bosdale Bolton Portrait (Ex-91), a “Bolton” with a 5-year-old record of 20,433 kg milk, 5.7% fat, 3.0% protein (330-507-306). Bolton Portrait has an Excellent daughter in the herd by “Doorman”, Bosdale Doorman Portrait B, who “is quite a cow.” and completes 6 generations of Excellent  “Doorman” is one of the bulls crossing really well on the Portrait family with 2 members already at 92 points.

216-1019157 Bosdale Goldwyn Portrait C.j

Bosdale Goldwyn portrait C EX-94-2E

The Sanchez cross

Outside Portrait’s cross to “Sanchez” produced several outstanding daughters. Among them is Bosdale Sanchez Portrait A (Ex-90-2E), who was first senior 2-year-old at the Perth-Waterloo Show in 2012. She is the mother of one of the current stars in the family, Bosdale Lauthority S Portrait (Ex-91 95 MS), a “Lauthority” who completes five generations of Excellent. Another daughter is Bosdale Seaver B Portrait who was 1st Jr. 2 year old and Best udder at Perth-Waterloo as well. Another product of the “Sanchez” x Outside Portrait cross is Bosdale Sanchez Portrait B (Ex-90-2E-1*). She has 63,903 kg milk, 4.6% fat, 3.2% protein (243-302-246) lifetime. “Sanchez” embryos from Outside Portrait were exported to Australia and resulted in a daughter for the Gardiner family of Avonlea Holsteins, Avonlea Sanchez Portrait-Imp-ET (VG-85-AUS). She is the dam today of Avonlea Stanleycup Portrait (VG-88-AUS) who was third 4-year-old at the International Dairy Week Holstein Show in Australia in 2017. 

stanleycup portrait.jpg
Bosdale Seaver B Portrait S HOCANF123006
212-11217 Bosdale Sanchez Portrait A.jpg

Avonlea Stanleycup Portrait 

Bosdale Sanchez Portrait A

Bosdale Seaver B Portrait S

Bosdale Lauthority S Portrait would begin her career with a bang. After calving as a 2 year old, she would win the Jr. 2 year old class at Perth-waterloo Holstein show and go on to be Grand Champion. On that very same night her herd mate of a couple months ago would win Grand Champion at the Halton Peel county show. In October, Lauthority S Portrait travelled to World Dairy Expo in Wisconsin where she was eighth junior 2-year-old and Best Bred & Owned in class in the International Holsten Show. At the Royal Winter Fair that November, Luster placed first in the junior 2-year-olds, while Lauthority S Portrait finished in sixth place. Luster would be named All-Canadian junior 2-year-old. Two years later in 2016, Luster headed the 4-year-old class at the Royal and Lauthority S Portrait again placed sixth. The pair combined with another member of Luster’s family to take second place in the Breeder’s Herd class at the Royal for Bosdale. The Bosdale Breeder’s Herd would go on to earn Reserve All-Canadian honours and Luster would be named Reserve All-Canadian 4-year-old for 2016.While Lauthority S Portrait did not reach the heights in the showring as her stablemate Luster, she too achieved her own measure of success and has been a great source of pride for the Bos family.  Lauthority S Portrait was second 5-year-old and honourable mention grand champion at Perth-Waterloo in 2017. She has earned a Super 3 production award and in her most recent lactation made 17,816 kg milk, 4.5% fat, 3.2% protein (338-409-341). She is the dam of several daughters including an Alligator heifer with GPA LPI 3246 Conf. 15 Rump 11 DS 12 MS 11 F&L 11.

Portrait and Luster - Herd Mates

#20161111157 Bosdale Lauthority Portrait

Bosdale Lauthority S Portrait EX-91 (95 MS)

Lauthority embryos sent to Australia

HF5024 Wandilla Lauthoruty Portrait.jpg
HF5347 Haven View Goldchip Portrait-ET.j

Wandilla Lauthority Portrait 3rd, is a Lauthority from Outside Portrait who was exported to Australia as an embryo. She would perform very well, earning awards for her Fat, Protien and Milk production. Also leaving her footprint in the show ring, with supreme dairy awards to her name and also in the final 6 All-Australian 5 year old female! She has left fancy heifers by Gold Chip (pictured) and a very exciting Doorman at Ron Chittick's Haven view herd, the former owner of Portrait 3rd.

Wandilla Lauthority Portrait 3rd VG-88 2nd Lact. and her Gold Chip daughter.

More Excellents

A pair of “Baxter” daughters from Outside Portrait reaching Excellent status were Bosdale Baxter Portrait (Ex-90) and Bosdale Baxter Portea (Ex-90). The latter has a “Fever” daughter, Bosdale Fever B Portea (Ex-93-2E), who completes five generations of Excellents. A “Doorman” mating to Fever B Portea has produced Bosdale Doorman B Portea (VG-86-2y), another young cow that the Bos family has high hopes for. Rounding out Outside Portrait’s Excellent daughters at Bosdale is Bosdale Laurin Portrait (Ex-91-2E) 79,350 kg milk, 4.4% fat, 3.1% protein (247-289-0242) lifetime and is the dam of an EX-91 Chelios.

218-06143 Bosdale Fever B Portea.jpg

Of Outside Portrait’s Very Good progeny in Canada the most significant has been Bosdale Roy J Portrait (VG-86-2y-3*). While this “Roy” only made one lactation before she died unexpectedly, she has left behind two Excellent daughters. The oldest, Bosdale R Goldwyn Portrait (Ex-92-3E), has always been a strong competitor at the Perth-Waterloo Show and has 100,000 kg milk lifetime. She is the dam of a 92 point Doorman.

Outside Portrait has an Excellent-94 “Fortune” daughter, Curtismill Fortune Portia ET, a Very Good-89 “Goldwyn” and Very Good-87 “Fortune” daughters in the United Kingdom who are the result of embryo sales. Fortune Portia has two Excellent daughters. The highest scored is Curtismill Majestic Portia 3 (Ex-95-UK) who has an Excellent daughter of her own, Curtismill Medley Portia 5 (Ex-90-UK), who completes six generations of Excellents for the John Torrance family of Curtismill Holsteins

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