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Bosdale Fever Portrait B EX-94-2E 


2nd Gen. EX-94 Fever from the Portraits!

(Fever x Outside Portrait EX-94 2E 18* x Storm Portrait EX-92 3E x Bosdale Stardust Portrait EX 4E 4* x VG Counselor x VG-85 3* Royal Majesty)

305d 17121 KG milk 874 KG F 5.1% 562 KG P 3.3% BCA(326 448 339)   

4 superior Lactations.

Super 4 award!

Over 80,000 KG lifetime and still going strong.

2nd 5y old Autumn Opp. 2017.

Portrait B is due back in the late summer 2021

Exciting Alligator daughter and pregnancies by High Octane!

fever portraits.png

Fever Portrait A EX-93 and Fever Portrait B EX-94 (Fever x Outside Portrait)

218-06141 Bosdale Fever Portrait D.jpg

Bosdale Fever Portrait D EX-94 2E

Sister to Fever Portrait B more...

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