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210-102048 Bosdale Dundee Lustre.jpg

Bosdale Dundee Lustre EX-91 4*

Dam of Bosdale Gold Luster EX-94 HM Grand Champion at the Royal

(Dundee x Durham Liberty EX-90 5* x Idee Lustre EX-95 3E 10* x Lydia EX-92 19* DOM plus 5 more VG or EX Dams)

1st Senior 2yr Old Autumn Opportunity 2010

4-05 305D 10507 492 4.7% 350 3.3%


Bosdale Gold Luster EX-94 HM Grand Champion Royal more...

EX-93-2E Goldwyn, EX-91 Goldwyn, VG-87-2yr Goldwyn, VG-87-2yr Fever.

Lustre sisters at Bosdale:
Bosdale Goldwyn Liberty EX-92-3E
Bosdale S Storm Liberty EX-91-2E
Bosdale Shottle Liberty EX-96-4E 


#20161111146 Bosdale Gold Luster - Copy.

Bosdale Gold Luster EX-94

Daughter of Dundee Lustre more...

218-101752 three quarter rear Bosdale Sh

Bosdale Shottle Liberty

EX-96-4E 7* 

Sister to Dundee Lustre more...

2809233 Ehrhardt Durham Liberty.jpg

Ehrhardt Durham Liberty EX


Dam of Dundee Lustre

6-10 365D 12130 484 4.0% 370 3.1%
3-11 365D 14416 669 4.6% 450 3.1%



Bosdale Shottle Liberty EX-95-3E
Bosdale Goldwyn Liberty EX-92 3E
Bosdale S Storm Liberty EX-91 2E
Bosdale Dundee Lustre EX-91


Idee Lustre EX-95-3E 10*


Dam of Durham Liberty

(Integrity x Lydia EX-92 19* DOM plus 5 more VG or EX Dams)
All-Canadian 5yr Old & Senior 3yr Old
Reserve All-American 5yr Old & Senior 3yr Old
HM All-Canadian 4yr Old 2001
Nominated All-American Sr 2yr Old 1999
Grand Royal 2002

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