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tootsie autumn 2021.jpg

Autumn Opportunity Holstein Show 2021 pictures!

barbie autumn 2021.jpg
221-102135 Bosdale Kingboy lily.jpg
221-102139 Bosdale Kingboy Barbra.jpg
221-091612 Bosdale Kingboy Barbie.jpg
221-091621 Bosdale Kingboy Tootsie.jpg
#20161111156 Bosdale Shottle Liberty (2)

We are very excited to have our Breeders Herd, composed of Bosdale Shottle Liberty, Bosdale Doorman Tiffany and Bosdale Solomon Portlea (all pictured at left), Nominated All-Canadian 2018 along with Bosdale Shottle Liberty Nominated All-Canadian 2018 in the Lifetime Production class!

218-101748 Bosdale Doorman Tiffany.jpg
#20181109077 Bosdale Solomon Portlea.jpg

Grand Champion at Autumn Opportunity Holstein Show 2019 - Bosdale Doorman F Libby! (pictured at left)

Other results:

Bosdale Doorman F Libby - 1st Sr. 3-yr-old, Intermediate Champion

Bosdale Doorman Mary - 6th Jr. 2-yr-old

Bosdale Atwood T Elsa - 2nd 5-yr-old

Bosdale Control Tiffany - 6th milking yearling

2nd Breeder's Herd

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Perth-Waterloo County Holstein Show 2019

Grand Champion this year was our Sr. 3yr Doorman! Honorable Mention going to our Jr. 2yr Doorman! Also received the Premier Breeder and Exhibitor titles and

1st-place Breeder's Herd.

Full list of Bosdale entries' results:

3rd Jr. Calf - Unix Misty
2nd and 4th Sr. calves - Doorman Portrait and Kingboy
4th. Junior Yearling - High Octane Dianne
2nd Milking Yearling - Atwood B Portrait
1st Jr. 2 - Doorman Mary
2nd Jr. 3 - Dempsey Dianne
1st and 6th Sr. 3 - Doorman F Libby and Brady Ellie
1st 5yr - Atwood R T Elsa
3rd Mature Cow - Fever Portrait D

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